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7 Universal Emotions
7 cross-cultural validated emotional measures. Based on micro-expression, head and eye movement analysis.
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Optimized for precision and speed. Supports interactive applications over internet and mobile networks.
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Proven capabilities for viral social media campaigns. Unparalleled scalability on IBM SmartCloud.
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Works with iOS and Android platforms. Supports mobile apps and optimized for low latency across mobile networks.
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Smart Analytics
Unprecedented ability to measure the full range of emotional connections to brands driving consumer behavior.
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Emotional Apps that Inspire & Convert

Tailor online content and experiences based on displayed and recognized behavioral patterns to increase engagement and drive higher sales in ecommerce strategies. Highly accurate real-time API to enable online and mobile interactive experiences to capture and analyze consumer emotions.


Develop cutting-edge applications that interact and adapt with human emotions in real-time.


Create inspirational online experiences that push the boundaries of the interactive web.


Shape perceptions and enhance brand preference through truely emotional experiences.

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